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Non-Duality Retreat with Lisa Cairns in Parin

Life is an endless manifestation of possibilities. When it is realised that limitation is a product of the imagination and not a fixed reality, anything becomes possible. This is the essence of non-duality.
Lisa teaches "Non duality" since she lost total control while eating Banana fritters in Bali 2011. In a sudden and explosive energetic shift, the essence of love and the magic of 'no-thing' was revealed.
Lisa currently travels around the world giving talks and holding retreats. In Lisa's talks she tries to communicate the limitless nature of this life, which is always here-present. She shares concepts that question your predisposition but most importantly, expresses love through words and silence.

Date: 9.-16. August 2019
More Information: www.lisacairns.com
Location: Hotel Gutshaus Parin

web: http://www.gutshaus-parin.de